1. Notes: 10 / 4 years ago 

    Today, you get a double whammy: a song AND a pun! Keep that in mind as you’re listening to the excellent track In Mind by the up-and-awesome band Power Pirate

    As for the song, some info:

    Title: In Mind

    Arsist: Power Pirate

    Album: Plane Ticket

    Links: http://www.power-pirate.com




    Now, as for the pun,

    Yesterday at dinner, I notice that there are nacho mixins out, so I grab a plate and make some nachos and bring them to the table, for the table. My friends are appreciative of this. Now, my friend who is a vegetarian decides to make some nachos herself sans meat. When she gets back, she says “Nachos were a good idea.” Nachorally, I respond: “Just remember whose idea it was first: NACHO’s.”

    Hilarity ensued.

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